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TEDxĐaKao: Delayed Gratification | August  2019 (Tentatively)

Message From Our Founding Organiser: 

Hey TEDx-ers!
2019 is almost comes to and end and ahead of us is a new decade! Yet before that, we are all entering into Season of Festivals. 
Amplifying on the spirit of Thanksgiving, we would like to share with you a new TEDx Experience that happening at IDECAF Theater, 28 Le Thanh Ton, District 1, HO CHI MINH city, which namely
 namely TEDxĐaKao: Human Kind.

To us, Human Kind is a special way to represent about human kindness, compassion, and human variability.
Additionally, It's our 1st Anniversary of TEDxĐaKao Community and promising and experience that familiar, heart warming yet filled with enlightment and couragous.

 Recalling a festive spirit from Past, our graphics are inspired by 'Hàng Trống' Painting that empowered by Hoạ Sắc Việt - an outstanding book about Vietnamese Design that conducted by one of our speakers.
 We wish to join our TEDx-ers and sharing appreciation to our roots, our inspirations, our sense of creativity and limitless. 
Can't wait to have you a part of our vibrant community!


Upcoming Speakers


Dao Trung Thanh
TEDxĐaKao: Delayed Gratification | Elsie Pham



TEDxĐaKao: Delayed Gratification | Phuong Pham
TEDxĐaKao: Delayed Gratification | Kathy Uyen Nguyen



TEDxĐaKao: Delayed Gratification | Nguyen Hoanh Tien

IDECAF Theater/ Institut d'Échanges Culturels avec la France
28 Lê Thánh Tôn, 
District 1,
Ho Chi Minh city.


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 Diamond Partner | Dreamplex Co-Working Space

Dreamplex is one of the first and leading coworking spaces in Vietnam. Strategically located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Dreamplex currently has three locations, and a fourth due to launch in Hanoi this September.

As a co-working space, Dreamplex provides not only a desk and chair for members, but also an inspiring environment where members can grow, discover, and connect (while doing work). From casual hot desks and dedicated desks to private studio offices for growing startups and established teams, Dreamplex spaces inspire a true sense of community with its many open spaces, member-centric design, and playful elements.

 Beyond that, Dreamplex members can also tap into opportunities for learning and growth, to a variety of exciting and exclusive benefits that go beyond just the workplace. Dreamplex offers what may be the most dedicated member experience team in Vietnam, with the goal of enhancing everyday well-being and contributing to personal development. Supporting entrepreneurs and the business community in VIetnam remains at the forefront of Dreamplex’s focus to this day, and the successful coworking space is taking a truly innovative approach.



 Gold Partner | ECOLOTUS


Bringing Vietnamese lotus to spread across five continents

Core values:

Native, Authentic, Technology Advancement, Handicraft, and Applicable


 Gold Partner | RICE & Partners

RICE & Partners is a content company with a collective of young filmmakers and artists who are passionate about film and art. 

We are the founders of the RICE Channel TV - a platform where we produce films to support people and communities in Ho Chi Minh City and beyond



VNG Corporation | Silver Partner

  "Make the Internet change Vietnamese lives"

VNG believes in the power of the Internet and sets the mission of giving Internet users a meaningful experience.


l'Usine Space | Silver Partner

  Over the years, L’Usine has evolved into one of Vietnam’s most-loved lifestyle brands, bringing together a diverse range of products, people and ideas in one space.

We are not native to Saigon, but being from another place gave us perspective. We are overwhelmed by the Saigon story, and our journal brings our vision of that to the world.


The Coffee House | Silver Partner

At The Coffee House, we always cherish the stories and appreciate the value of Connecting people. We hope The Coffee House will become the "Coffee Home", where people come together and find joy, sharing intimacy with delicious, quality coffee.



PR Newswire | Media Partner

PR Newswire's news distribution, targeting, monitoring and marketing solutions help you connect and engage with target audiences across the globe.



JOOLUX | Community Supports


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celebrate moon festival with us!

“Despite TEDxĐaKao was established basing on TEDx - an international program, TEDxĐaKao always wants to spread widely Vietnamese traditions to community. In this event, TEDxĐaKao promises to empower timeless values of Mid-Autumn Festival combined with ideas worth spreading. This also what organizing team wants to convey to participants in order to preserve those ideas throughout TEDxĐaKao’s journey"

- Ms. Ngoc Anh Hoang, Organizer of TEDxĐaKao.

Lotus has many deep meanings of delayed gratification and tremendous vigour. It is the Vietnam’s national flower that is going to be one of the highlights of TEDxĐaKao: Delayed Gratification. 

By joining the event, you will enjoy lotus tea and lotus seed mooncake. You can also watch Ao Dai fashion show and participate in the workshop making lotus leaf notebook with Ecolotus when the event is finished. This represents our deepest wishes to everyone as the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. 

Come To Our Next Event
23rd November, 2019!


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We Hope You Will Be Apart 
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