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Dao Trung Thanh

Having held many important positions in VNPT, especially in charge of internal training for the group, Mr. Thanh is a person who understands the importance of preserving, developing and sharing knowledge collectively to serve goals towards human development, as well as improving business efficiency. 

Mr. Thanh is a visiting lecturer of courses on leadership and innovation at John Von Newmann Institute - Ho Chi Minh City National University. He holds a Master's degree in cybersecurity at the French National Telecommunications Institute (Institut National des Telecommunications- France). 

Additionally, Mr. Thanh is an independent consultant for organisations, corporations, corporations on knowledge management, human development, internal customer care and internal systems setup. His clients can be mentioned as Netsoft, Saigon Post (under VNPT), Bibomart and many domestic and foreign agencies and businesses.

Kathy Uyen

An actress from Los Angeles, born and raised in San Jose, CA, and moved to Vietnam in 2009 where she established herself as an award winning leading lady with international appeal. 

Her success gave her the opportunity to emerge not only as a triple threat (writer, producer, actress) in 2013’s box-office hit HOW TO FIGHT IN SIX INCH HEELS (Am Muu Giay Got Nhon) but also landed her second prestigious Golden Kite Award (Canh Dieu Vang) - BEST LEADING ACTRESS 2013 in Vietnam. (Vietnam’s Oscars). 

Currently, Kathy is in post production stage of her directorial debut “Chi Chi Em Em" romantic thriller featuring Thanh Hang and Chi Pu as the main casts, set to be released in Christmas 2019.

Elsie Pham

Elsie has devoted her career on preserving one of the national strength of Vietnam - Handicraft Fashion that made from Bamboo and other Vietnamese traditional materials. 

Elsie was going into the largest forest in Vietnam - Truong Son by herself to search for the leaf that originally used for Vietnamese Conical Hat; continue from that, she constantly searches for the underprivileged villages or household to invest in developing their skill and recover Vietnamese Handicraft Dream. 

Her Japanese mentors/ business partners guided her to build an ethical business, build a wish of reserving and developing what are our national strengths and uniquenesses; it's because Japan has lost many of their traditions and they wish Vietnamese will see the expiring trends of what hold national values and image. Elsie will share her beautiful yet exciting of 5 years and many more of Exporting Heritage/ Sustainable Fashion

Nguyen H. Tien

At work, Tien finds ways to tell stories, create environment and motivate people and management to change behaviours and directions to capture opportunities. 

Outside of work, Tien is a curious engineer, who explores the world and seeks application to his job and life. Latest developments in cosmological theories & explorations, brain science developments, pre-historic civilisations are his common conversation topics. 

Tien is also a community person & likes to push boundaries. He co-founded USGuide, Connek volunteer networks, & serves as a member of Newborns Vietnam Board of Trustees. He is actively coaching volunteers and young tech entrepreneurs. He seeks to create deep change in people's behaviours without much money and power. He also experiments with applying business and communication techniques into social movements. 

In parallel universes, one would find other versions of Tien being a coach, a yogi, a martial art instructor, a social worker, a brain scientist or a cosmologist.


Phuong is a Counsellor trained in the Person-Centered approach founded by Carl Rogers. He completed his Masters in the University of Nottingham. In his practicum he worked as a sixth form counsellor helping young adolescents to cope with anxiety and various stressor around academic performance, family and social pressures. 

Phuong also worked with The Human Flourishing Project, a non-profit community service founded by staff members of the University of Nottingham that provides free counselling to the people of Nottingham where he worked with clients of a wide range of age and problems (bi-polar, depression, anxiety, PTSD, bereavement) in his work Phuong focuses on facilitating self-awareness and getting clients to get in touch with their own process. 

He strongly believes on the client’s ability to make sense of their own story and choose what’s best for them when met with empathy and unconditional positive regard.

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TEDxĐaKao: Quintessential Creations

20.04.2019 | 2.30 pm - 6.30pm
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A Founder / The Coding Instructor

Lea Truc earned the M.F.A. in Luxury & Fashion Marketing at Savannah College of Art and Design while curating several couture fashion exhibitions and educational programs in Atlanta, GA

She also taught Marketing at Fisher College in Boston, MA before moving back to Vietnam to take a role in Product Strategy for ONDOLog at Saigon Hi-Tech Park. She is currently the only female coder in the React / React Native intensive Bootcamp at the CoderSchool. 

As coding becomes a core skill in the future, Lea’s mission is to make coding and tech more accessible for women and minorities in Vietnam through the hands-on coding program {Cat Can Code}. She hopes to empower more people with this additional skill set. Lea is also working on a capstone project of the Women's Empowerment Club by the U.S. Consulate General - Ho Chi Minh City.

At Google Developer Group DEVFEST VIETNAM 2018, Lea is the only female presenter / coding instructor alongside engineers and Google developer experts. 

Tag: encourage digital literacy, innovation ecosystem

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The Business Woman / The Fashion Enthusiast

Christine was born in Saigon and grew up in Singapore. 

Her passion for fashion began when she started making her own jewellery and accessories in high school. 

After having finished her Bachelor’s degree in politics, Christine decided to follow her dreams and pursue a Masters in Fashion Management in the UK where she graduated at the top of her class. 

Since graduation, Christine has worked for various fashion companies such as Gap, H&M and other smaller projects as retail analyst, producer.

Finally last year, she partnered with a Vietnamese famous fashion designer Phi Pham to co-found her brand PHI by PHI PHAM. 

Tag: Classical Meet Modern, Fashion Perspectives, Identity Ownership.

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Tam Le | TEDxĐaKao

A Founder / The New Vietnamese Chef

Tam Le is the founder and Head Chef of Saigonita, a closed-door restaurant serving Vietnamese-Mexican dishes and Head Chef of Đialect, a soon-to-be-open restaurant in Saigon serving modern Vietnamese cuisine. 

Prior to this, she served as the Business and Strategy Director of an international branding agency and has spent her entire career, up until now, working in the branding and advertising world.

Tam has worked in 5 countries, across 3 continents, with each new experience informing her keen cultural empathy and truly global creative perspective.

Tag: Conceptual Cuisine, Creative meet Authentic, Evolutionary Vietnamese Dishes.

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The Teacher of Heritage Conservation/ Architectural Education.

Architect Nguyen Khiem graduated from University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City (UAH) in 2006 with the graduation thesis Fine Art Museum achieved excellent grades and was selected to participate in Loa Thanh contest for excellent graduation projects in the country.

In the same year, architect Khiem and his fellow classmates won an international award for designing an earthquake-proof house competition in Taiwan organized by APEC and British Council.

Over 10 years of experience participating in architectural design consultancy for British corporations with projects related to heritage conservation and new development projects in Vietnam and oversea.

Currently, Architect Khiem is participating in the teaching and the architectural council member graded the graduated project at UAH from 2018.

Tag: Heritage Conservation, Architectural Education.

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Creativity and Vietnam’s Cultural Identity

A Musician? An Artist? Sound Director? Music Producer? Art Director? Nguyễn Nhất Lý begins his journey searching for cultural identity from his journey of creating My Village, Sunrise Wind, Samara, À Ố Show, Teh Dar, to Palao shows, and especially the SEA Sound Project - constructing the Southeast Asian Ethnic Orchestra Seaphony. Together with other creative partners, he looked into cultural material and steer creative directions for theatrical productions that have toured 16 countries, 4 continents.

At TEDx ĐaKao, Nguyễn Nhất Lý will share his point of views about the importance of embracing differences and diversity to leverage national potential through arts and Vietnam’s cultural identity

Tag: Cultural Identity, Unlocking National Potential, Embracing Diversity.

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TEDxĐaKao: Transformative Moments

17.11.2018 | 2.30 pm - 6.30pm
Dreamplex Auditorium




The Spark Of Real Happiness| Ha Nguyen | TEDxĐaKao

"Life is a journey of looking for the sparks that lead to real happiness" - Ha Nguyen. “The Joyful Happy Feet”

At the age of 28, she left the marketing job in Canada, took the chance to pursue the dream of world traveling, and joined Emirates Airline in Dubai.

Keeping that passion alive, Ha has been over 116 cities in 70 countries, that inspired her to return to the roots in Saigon late 2017. With an adventurous mind, Ha stepped into the world of swing dance and fell in love with it ever since. 

The joy, the smile, and the uplifting energy have created a significant spark that guides Ha to continue inspiring and sharing her love for swing dancing and hopes to spread the wonderful bliss to many dancers, both old and new alike.

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TEDxĐaKao: Transformative Moments

600 Years Building Resilient Houses? | Jang Keu | TEDxĐaKao

If there was a million ideas has been raised every day, then why wouldn’t we choose an idea that benefits to society?

Jang Keu believes there are three main core values that develop a society, which is humanity, creativity, and sustainability. With the most agile, creative resilient house that gives the faith to live to more than 700 families and their neighbours for the past 5 years. Furthermore, Jang is also on the pursuit of empowering society development with Sống (Living) Foundation, she wishes to approach them in three ways, which start from human capital building, sustainable environment, to sustainable community.

Imagine if we all understand that every one of us is growing according to the Maslow of Needs; then each of us has to dream, take action and has faith towards a better society.

“We are transforming for a better Vietnam!” - Jang Kều

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Why Do I Run? | Manh Linh Nguyen | TEDxĐaKao

Linh Nguyen is an entrepreneur and investor. 

In 2013, he founded OBANHMI, a fast-casual Vietnamese restaurant chain based in Kuala Lumpur before selling it off in 2015. He since has invested in several businesses across South East Asia with focuses on children entertainment, retail, and technology. 

Other than that, Linh is also an avid sports enthusiast with a particular passion for ultra distance marathons and has completed several endurance competitions. He recently finished the Vietnam Mountain Marathon Ultra distance of 70km and is planning to return the next year for the 100km range.

This passion for endurance sports comes from his desire to continue to challenge himself and push the limits of what is possible. Along the way, he has discovered more about himself and hopes that he can inspire others to find that same passion and break all the limits.

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Observing Your Future | Chien Cong Hoang | TEDxĐaKao

Making choices have become an essential part of this life. Have you ever wish as if you can predict the future when you face some important decisions, maybe it will be easier? Predicting the future won't make all your problems disappear, but at least you will be more confident in your choices.

Hoang Chien Cong, who's twenty-six years old, for the past three years, his job - can be simply described as predicting the future. More specifically, my colleagues and Cong use mathematical models to make predictions about the future of the stock market every day. Within less than 18 minutes on the stage of TEDx, Cong would like to invite everyone to see the overall picture of the world's future by the three most classic graphs in statistics.

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